38 Piece Snapware Plastic Food Keeper Set

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38 Piece Snapware Plastic Food Keeper Set – Durable. Ingenious. Versatile. Worry-free. In an increasingly cluttered and complicated world, the smart choice is Snapware Total Solution containers—kitchen helpers that simplify your life. If you’re looking for a surefire, innovative way to make food storage a snap, look no further than this Snapware 38 piece plastic food storage set. It features a unique lid that works with both Snapware glass and plastic food storage containers to provide an easy, space saving organizational system. These lids have a nice, modern textured design with color coded seals that help you easily identify the size and shape of the lid. No more cluttered cabinets or time wasted trying to match the right lid with the right vessel. The lids also feature a Write n’ Erase labeling space to help identify things like the container contents or date you stored your food. Additionally, the four latch locking lids make an audible “snap” when closed to give you the confidence to transport food leak-free. Features: Total SolutionTM lids are 100% Airtight & Leakproof Easy open-and-close four-latch plastic lid Total Solution lids snap to bottom of plastic container and stack neatly with each other Total Solution lids feature a Write n’ Erase labeling space Total Solution lids also fit same sized Snapware Total Solution with Pyrex glass food storage containers Microwave, Dishwasher and Freezer Safe, BPA Free Limited lifetime warranty, Made in the USA Set Includes: • 38 Piece Set

Price- $ 29.99
Retail Price – $
Shipping –
InStock – yes
Sku- 972

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