Let’s Quit Together

This morning I woke up reading and watching videos on how to quit smoking. I came across a lot of interesting information.  I already knew there was health risk involved with quitting too fast but I didn’t realize that it was so much info out there on health risk.  It kinda scared me because I didn’t know!!!!. Quitting too fast can harm you more than help. I don’t believe in quitting cold turkey because it’s just too hard for the average person.

This is some stuff I found to help reduce cravings and stress doing this journey.

Quick and Easy Snacks- Stuff that you can keep close by






People also had a lot of concern about gaining too much weight. It’s important to choose snacks that will be healthy and not add much weight,



Something to help reduce stress – Stress Reliever Ball, Lotions, Candles.  Find something that you like doing that will help keep your mind off smoking.

I like to play games with my kids, read, cook, take rides, listen to music, visit non smoking family and friends.

Try to stay away from areas that smell like smoke or areas that remind you of smoking.



Join the Challenge, Let’s Quit Together.- Day 2

I have created a 30 day challenge to quit smoking. Join the Challenge and Let’s Quit Smoking Together.

Day 2

I smoked 11 cigarettes yesterday, If I follow the Quit Challenge method it will take me 12 days to quit smoking.

I have decided to set my quit date for 30 days from now. This can happen before 30 days, but I wanted to give myself plenty of time to complete the process without feeling rushed.

Quit Date 2/13/2018

Wish me luck.

Feel free to share your results, quit date and any advice.

I have made the commitment to only smoke 10 cigarettes today.

You don’t have to add the time everyday, but this will help you choose a timeframe to skip a cigarette and replace it with another activity.

I will try to use the times from day 1 to help stay on track.

For example my first cigarette from day 1 was at 6:08am.  I will use that time to determine when I can have my first smoke everyday by adding approx. 30 mins before and after the time I smoked on day 1.


Cigeratte 1 – 5:30 – 6:30 am

Cigarette 6 – 12:30 – 1:30 pm


Cigarette Time Whole/Half Notes Day 2 Notes Day 3 Notes Day 4 Notes Day 5 Notes
1 6:08 AM Whole  +
2 8:01 whole
3 9:36 AM Half
4 11:18 AM whole
5 12:25 PM whole
6 1:00 PM Half
7 3:14 PM whole
8 6:08 PM whole
9 6:56 PM half
10 8:33 PM whole
11 10:13 PM whole


Click Here for more information on how this Challenge/Method work.

Join The Challenge, Let’s Quit Together.


I will update tomorrow with my progress.

I will also update daily with at least 1 motivational quote that I feel will help someone that is trying to quit.