I am working on a way to work from home full-time. I have been doing affiliate marketing for a few years and I have tried dropshipping. I still do dropshipping doing the holidays. I don’t have much success throughout the rest of the year. When I first started I came across a lot of information that I didn’t understand. I have more experience now and it seem like I can find anything I can make real money from. Affiliate Marketing does help out a lot financially but I spend almost as much as I make. Some months I end up spending more than I make.  I have tried everything I can think of. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t mind commission based pay but I would prefer something that pay hourly.


I can not work right now due to one of my children health issues.

I have experience in the following fields. I want to use my experience and create a full-time income from home.

Sales –





Customer Service


Office Assistant.


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